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    Guest Post

    Guest Post


    For different people, the gym has a different significance. For instance, for many people, it is a shelter from work where they can be alone and be at peace with their thoughts. For other people, it is a place where they want to test their stamina by putting their bodies out of the comfort zones. Yet, for others, it is a routine activity to maintain physical health and well-being. No matter what the motives of the people going to the gym are, one thing is certain that when we go to the gym, we are in the company of other people.

    At a place where different people are working simultaneously, it is mandatory to practice certain etiquettes so that we get what we want without being distracted. For this purpose, we have created a list of 7 things that you should avoid while working out in the gym

    1. Avoid Using Mobile Phones

    While you are working in the gym, texting, calling, emailing, and chatting aren’t the proper things to do in the gym. Use of electronic gadgets, while you are working out in the gym, is not only harmful to your safety, but it also minimizes your performance, giving you worst results because of the lack of focus. If you are expecting any phone call, it is better to go outside and wait for that call instead of pretending that you are working when your mind is actually somewhere else.

    1. Avoiding Grunts

    All of us know that weightlifting is not an easy task and when we are lifting a weight it requires lots of energy and strength, and it is natural that we make grunts or moans sometimes. We must keep in mind that by making grunts, we are disturbing others around us, and we are also distracting them from what they are doing. An occasional grunt is perfectly well, but if you are doing it constantly, you should try practicing breathing techniques.

    1. Considering your Limits

    If you work out in a small gym where there is very little crowd most of the times and there are few subscriptions to the gym, you can take as much time as you want to perform your workouts, but if your subscription is in some big gym where there is a crowd of people always, then take only that much time which is granted. It means if you are granted 30 minutes; finish your workouts in 30 minutes. If you think you can’t do it in proper time, then come on that time of the day when there is a minimum crowd.

    1. Knowing your role

    When anybody starts gym at first, it is obvious that he doesn’t know how to do things, and if you see that he is not doing things properly and is risking his and yours security, then there is no need to take situations in your hands. Instead, you should talk to a staff member and tell him about the situation.

    1. Smell

    As we work out in the gym, we sweat, and it is highly necessary that we should put some deodorant before going to the gym. If you are a gym goer, you might have noticed sometimes unpleasant whiffs of random smell. No matter how highly you think of yourself, just do some courtesy and put some deodorant before going to the gym.

    1. Social Considerations

    A gym is a social place where different people gather and they all share a common purpose, but it doesn’t mean at all that all persons have the same personalities or the same view about something. Therefore, while doing a workout, if you are conversing with someone, choose your topic carefully. If all you can think of is dirty talk, then save it for sometime else.

    1. Don’t leave a Trail

    The gym is not your personal property which you can use however you like. You should use it in a way that when another person comes, he doesn’t have to clean it first because you left it all dirty. You must be thinking that there are germs everywhere, on the gym instruments, on the lockers, and on the sitting places, but the best you can do is playing your own part. You can play your part by using hand sanitizer. If you are looking for hand sanitizer and other related products, you can explore many such products on Groupon, to avail discount you may use Groupon coupons to save.

    This guest post is written by Joe Cole, he works at Game Period, a gaming website.